Applications Open: Community Development Intern

The City of Buena Vista, Virginia is seeking an intern to serve in the Department of Planning & Community Development. The intern will be exposed to local government operations in a small town and will assist with important department projects.

Areas of Interest: Community Development | Planning | Housing | Government | Economics | Historic Preservation | Data Analysis | GIS | Real Estate Development

Potential Projects:

  • General overview of planning & zoning and local government
  • Neighborhood plans
    • Data gathering, analysis, and research
    • Meeting facilitation and community outreach
  • Housing study data gathering, analysis, and research
  • Comprehensive plan final edits
  • Address verification/GIS/LUCA – Data analysis and verification
  • Historical research on Bontex factory site
  • Zoning policy research & development
  • Other projects as they arise

Term: 5-10 hours per week during Spring 2018 semester, schedule negotiable

Compensation: Available for credit by arrangement with intern’s school, or for stipend of $750-$1000 based on work undertaken

Application Due January 1 2018: Contact Tom Roberts at or (540) 261-8607 with following:

  1. Resume
  2. Brief personal statement of why you are interested in this experience and how it will contribute to your education or career development.

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