Doing business with the City of Buena Vista

Below are current bid and procurement opportunities with the City of Buena Vista. Thank you for your interest in working with the City. Please see the contact information found in each listing for more information. The City of Buena Vista does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, or any other protected class, and encourages minorities and disadvantaged business enterprises to bid.



Graphic Design Services

The City of Buena Vista has the opportunity to use grant funds to create maps of Glen Maury Park and existing walking trails in Buena Vista. We are looking for a graphic designer who can produce attractive, professional maps for printing and distribution. Because of the funding, we are on a short time frame, and need to have quotes by Friday, September 6th 2019.

Scope of project: Create five or five maps to be printed on three map products:

  1. A double-sided map of Glen Maury Park with the whole park on one side and the lower park on the reverse. The focus is on easily-understood representation of areas of the park and key facilities. Does not need to be to scale. Audience is everyone who comes to the park, whether for a music event or camping or whatever.
  2. A map of trails at GMP, possibly double-sided (this is where the “four or five” comes in). This may be helpful if it is to scale. The focus is to provide location and routes of trails within the park, as well as relevant facilities such as parking and restrooms. Audience is park users who are specifically interested in walking/biking trails.
  3. Map of the City showing trails, trail heads, and parks. Primarily this is the River Walk, but also the Reservoir Hollow and Laurel Park trailheads, plus Glen Maury Park and our neighborhood playgrounds. Focus is on showing what trails are available and how to get to them. Audience is visitors and residents of BV interested in how to get to trails. Probably should not show all streets in the City (too visually busy) and does not need to show other non-park/trail features.

Map products should be standard sized (letter/legal/tabloid). Primary file format should be PDF, but source files must be provided for future map updates.

The City has features and trails mapped in ArcGIS and will provide that data to the designer, and work with you on file formats of that.

Questions are welcome at (540) 319-8004 or