Checklist for Starting a New Business in the City of Buena Vista

  1. Check with the Zoning Administrator, to make sure that the location of the business is properly zoned. A minimum $15 fee is required. (540-261-8616)
  2. Obtain any building permits from Fred Fix, Building Inspector. This will include remodeling, signs, etc. (540-261-8635)
  3. Visit Chris Coleman, Clerk of the Circuit Court, to register your trade name. The fee is $10 to register your name. (540-261-8627)
  4. Bring your receipt from the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Zoning Administrator to the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office. We will ask for:
    1. Your name and the business name
    2. Business mailing address
    3. Business location address
    4. Business phone number
    5. Federal identification number (forms for applying are available in our office) or your social security number
    6. A realistic estimate of your gross receipts for the first year of business
    7. Photo identification

Your license fee will be based on your gross receipts and the rate for your business classification. A minimum license in the city is $30.


You must register with the Virginia Department of Taxation for a Sales Tax Number. Forms can be downloaded at

You must register for the local meals and lodging tax with the Finance Director. (540-261-8614)


Contractors, barbers, cosmetologists, real estate agents, auctioneers, etc. must be registered through the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Licenses. The web address is or you may call (804-367-8500) for more information.


Any inquiries for public water and sewer refuse collection and curb and gutter need to be directed to the Utility Department at 540-261-1444.

Business License Process

  1. Zoning Verification for Business License ($15) or Zoning Verification for Home Occupation ($15) to ensure proper zoning of proposed location. Contact Tom Roberts, Director of Planning & Community Development at or (540) 261-8607 if rezoning or construction is needed.
  2. Fictitious Name Registration with the Circuit Court of Buena Vista ($10)
  3. Business License registration with the Commissioner of Revenue.