Green Hill Cemetery was acquired by the city in 1953 and is known as a place of beauty with peaceful and tranquil surroundings designed as a perfect place for eternal rest.

Our rates are set by City Council and operations at the cemetery are handled by the City Public Works Department. Click to see our rates.

Operational Guidelines

Green Hill Mausoleum


Cemeteries, to a marked degree, indicate the sentiment and devotion of the living of any community and we assume that they will be continued forever. Hence, their maintenance and care are with the living and we must plan accordingly.

In 1953, the City was entrusted with the care of Green Hill Cemetery and started its project of permanent development of this facility by requiring funds for perpetual care and starting a long-term work plan for its physical development. In order that the City may carry on this work for years to come at a minimal expense, rules and regulations must be set forth to enable the City to get the most from the perpetual care funds and reflect the culture and sentiment of the community.

It is the earnest hope of the City Council that no one will consider any of the rules unduly restraining. There has been no attempt to abridge individual liberty. On the contrary, every effort has been made to provide for the most possible freedom of individual action, and at the same time assure the proper management and development of the Cemetery. The Cooperation of the patrons of Green Hill Cemetery is earnestly solicited by the Management in the interest of all concerned.

Employees of the Cemetery are required to be civil and courteous to all visitors. The Management will appreciate receiving a prompt report of any incivility on the part of the employees.

Rules and Regulations

  1. General Rules

1.1       Lots are sold for no purpose other than for the burial of human remains without regard to race, color, or national origin.

1.2       All lots and spaces are sold for cash. Interments shall not be made until payment is made.

1.3       When a lot is conveyed by Cemetery Authorities to two persons, they take the title as tenants in common. In such cases, upon the death, his interest goes to his heirs.

1.4       The deed to a lot conveys only the right of burial therein. The Cemetery Management retains control and supervision of all lots that have been sold, and the caretaker of the Cemetery shall have the right to enter any lot and prohibit, modify or remove any structure, object, improvement or adornment on such lot which may be placed thereon in violation of the rules, or which may be considered unsightly, objectionable, or injurious to the lot or adjoining lots, or the general appearance of the Cemetery.

1.5       No grave shall be opened on a lot except at the request of the owner or owners or their qualified heirs. A request to open a grave to receive the remains of any persons other than the owner or owners of their qualified heirs shall be made in writing and attested to by the owner or owners of their qualified heirs.

1.6       Upon the death or judicially declared incompetency of a lot owner, it is the duty of the heirs, devisees, or guardian to file with the Cemetery Management competent proof of their right to use the lot. Further burials on the lot may not be permitted until such proof is presented.

1.7       All lot corners are plainly marked by the Cemetery Management.

1.8       Lots shall not be filled beyond established ground level.

1.9       Ownership of a lot does not grant the right to make any plantings not to erect any copse or enclosure around the lot or grave.

1.10      No trees shrubbery or plantings of any nature shall be permitted, except such as may be provided by the Cemetery Management for landscaping purposes.

1.11      Artificial wreaths or baskets, glass, crockery, wire, metal or any kind of receptacle for cut flowers must be placed upon the grave or marker in a manner that will not obstruct the lawn mower or appeal unsightly.

1.12      Cut flowers and potted plants will be permitted upon lots and graves, there to remain until the blossoms are dead, after which they will be disposed of. Their containers, except those which may be sunk in the ground even with or below the surface in a manner that will not obstruct the lawn mower, will be removed.

1.13      Those containers or wreaths that appear to be of particular value will be held for one week after removal from the gravesite. If not called for within that time they will be disposed of.

1.14      No ironwork or wire will be allowed on lots and no seats will be permitted except those made with stone and on lots on which there is ample room for same, and then only by written permission of the Management.

1.15      No sign, bulletin, or poster of any kind will be permitted within the confines of the Cemetery.

1.16      Glass cases for covering graves and boxes containing artificial wreaths, etc., will not be permitted.

1.17      Flags, ensigns, emblems and other special markers and decorations are prohibited upon lots and graves except on special holidays. They may be placed by individuals and by authorized representatives of veterans and patriotic organizations for a period to begin not earlier than two days before the holiday and to end one week thereafter.

1.18      All persons are forbidden under penalty of law to kill, wound or trap any bird or animal within the limits of the Cemetery, or to remove the young of any animal or the eggs of any bird.

1.19      No animals are allowed in the Cemetery.

1.20      Children under the age of 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, and must not be permitted to play or climb upon any headstones, monuments, or mausoleums.


  1. Sale and Care of Lots

2.1       All lots shall be sold in increments of one space or more.


  1. Interments

3.1       All interments shall be made at the expense of the lot owner, and opening and backfilling graves shall be done by City employees.

3.2       All interments must be in a state approved concrete box or concrete or steel vault. No wooden boxes are permitted.

3.3       No interment may be made on any lot or space not under perpetual care until all annual care fees are paid up to date.

3.4       Any change or location after interment will be done at the expense of the lot owner, and then only under the direction and supervision of a licensed funeral director.

3.5       Notice of opening a grave must be given to the Management at least 12 working hours prior to the time of interment. Notice of opening a grave on Saturday or Sunday interment shall not be later than 12:00 p.m. Friday preceding.

3.6       While a funeral or interment is being conducted nearby, all work of any description shall cease.

3.7       Visitors to the Cemetery, who are not members of a funeral procession or party, are forbidden to intrude upon a funeral party or to loiter around an open grave.

3.8       Flower baskets and floral designs will be removed from a new grave at the discretion of the caretaker. Upon request at the Cemetery Office any particular basket or design may be stored at the storage house for a period not to exceed one week and, if not called for, will be destroyed.

  1. Disinterments

4.1       No disinterments shall be made until all state and local laws pursuant to such matter are complied with.

4.2       The cost of the City’s participation in disinterment will be charged to the lot owner or duly authorized representative, and the City does not assume any liability for any damages resulting.

  1. Monuments

5.1       All plans for memorials and mausoleums must be submitted to the Management for approval before proceeding with the installation.

5.2       All upright stones or monuments are prohibited, except in certain areas, and then only on approval of the Management.

5.3       The City shall set any Federal Government marker at the appropriate spot at veteran’s graves at no cost to the lot owner.

5.4       It is required that lot owners and monument suppliers consult Management before proceeding with the installation of any marker or memorial.

5.5       Monuments or markers with porcelain or other photographs are permitted, any form of ornamentation allowed which is, in the opinion of Management, grotesque, freakish, or unusual in size is not allowed.

5.6       Monuments and markers must be set during regular working hours of the Cemetery. These hours are 7:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

5.7       The income from the perpetual care trust fund is used for the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds, drives, enclosures and buildings, but does not include private mausoleums and vaults. Before any mausoleum or vault is erected, the owner must deposit with the Cemetery Management a sum of money estimated by him and agreed to by the Management to be sufficient to yield income for the proper care of such structure in perpetuity.

5.8       Immediately upon the completion of any mausoleum or vault, one key to each lock on or in the same must be deposited in the office of the Custodian to remain permanently in the custody of the Management.

5.9       The Cemetery Management will not assume any responsibility or liability for accident or damage to monuments or mausoleums resulting from the ordinary hazards of Cemetery work. However, the Management will use reasonable care in engaging competent and experienced workmen in seeing that they do their work with customary carefulness.

The Management will take all reasonable precautions to protect lot owners within the Cemetery from loss or damage, but cannot be responsible for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control.

  1. Traffic Regulations

6.1       Admission of vehicles upon the roads of the Cemetery will be permitted as a privilege and not as a right inherent to the ownership of a lot, or otherwise. As a privilege, it is restricted to those who obey the traffic rules adopted by the officials of the Cemetery.

6.2       The speed of automobiles is limited to 15 miles per hour.

6.3       Visitors on foot have the primary right to use the roads, and all vehicle drivers are required to observe their right by careful driving and a strict adherence to the rules.

6.4       Vehicles are not permitted to turn around upon roads, but must go around the section, and are not permitted to pass upon driveways for vehicles going in the same direction when both vehicles are moving.

6.5       The sound of horns, sirens or other automobile signals within the Cemetery is prohibited.

6.6       Any operator who runs any vehicle upon the lawn, across gutters, or anywhere else where damage results therefrom shall be required to pay for such damage.

6.7       Motorcycles or bicycles will not be permitted to enter the grounds, except as may be in attendance at funerals or on business.