City Charter Review

Buena Vista’s current City Charter was adopted in 1952. Although there have been minor amendments since then, there has not been a comprehensive review of the charter’s provisions–although much has changed in local governance and state law in the last 66 years. In 2018, a Charter Review Committee was assembled with representatives from City Council, City staff, and the general public to take a comprehensive look at the charter and draft updates.

Members of the committee:

  • Steve Baldridge, Council member
  • Lisa Clark, Council member
  • Tyson Cooper, Council member
  • Bob Gay, Resident
  • Brian Kearney, City Attorney
  • Jerry Miller, Resident
  • Tim Petrie, Resident
  • Tom Roberts, Director of Planning & Community Development
  • Brent Styler, Resident
  • Dawn Wheeler, Clerk of Council (Committee Secretary)

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 20th 2018, immediately following City Council meeting, Council Chambers at City Hall

Meeting Minutes

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Important Documents

City Charter text (Municode link)

Give Us Your Comments On The Charter