Building Inspector, Fred Fix, 540-261-8635, 

City Manager, Jay Scudder, 540-261-8601,

Commissioner of the Revenue, MarVita Flint, 540-261-8611,

Clerk of Circuit Court, Chris Coleman, 540-261-8627,

Economic Development, Rachel Moore, 540-261-8616,

Finance Department, Tim Dudley, 540-261-8602,

Clerk of General District Court, Ginger Webb, 540-261-2163,

Library, Elaina Skovira, 540-261-2715,

Parks and Recreation, Katy Patterson, 540-261-7321,

Planning and Zoning, Tom Roberts, 540-261-8607,

Police Department, Chief Keith Hartman, 540-261-6174,

Public Works, Trina Mastran, 540-261-1444,

Sheriff, Randy Hamilton, 540-261-8615,

Treasurer, Mary Lee Huffman, 540-261-8620,

Voter Registration, Emilie Staton, 540-261-8605,

Water Quality including E&S and Stormwater, Trina Mastran, 540-261-1444,