Whether you are looking for a great spot for a family picnic, family reunion, wedding venue or hosting a music event, Glen Maury Park offers several facilities to rent for your next special occasion.

Contact the Park Office at 540-261-7321 for reservations and more information.

If you are renting a shelter or facility with the intent of using the rented space or any other portion of the park where the rental is located for an event, such as but not limited to, a charity walk, run, carnival, dinner, music event or other activity, your rental may be confirmed but is not valid until you submit additional paperwork requested by the Park Director.

Rental rates for shelters:

Multi-Purpose Pavilion – $300.00 / day (Fri. – Sat.) plus a $75.00 cleaning fee

Multi-Purpose Pavilion – $100.00 / day (Sun. – Thurs.) plus a $75.00 cleaning fee

Double-Decker – $75.00 / day plus a $75 cleaning fee

Shelters 1, 2, 5, & 6 – $50.00 / day plus a $50.00 cleaning fee

Rental rates for athletic fields:

Camden Football Field, Soccer Field, Softball Field, Rally Field (for sporting event), Laurel Park

8AM–12PM – $35.00

1PM–5PM – $35.00

6PM–10PM – $35.00

All day – $100.00

Lighting – $10.00 / hour

Glen Maury Park’s Rally Field can be rented for events. Call 540-261-7321 for rates.