Information regarding lead in drinking water

The City of Buena Vista owns and operates a public water supply that is permitted and regulated by the Office of Drinking Water-Virginia Department of Health. The City is required to meet the Safe Drinking Water Act for many contaminants. The City currently tests for lead in the drinking water once annually at 20 sites approved by the Office of Drinking Water. Lead has been tested by the City since the early 1990s and is compliant with the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). Below are the last seven sample test results for lead sampling for tap water at approved sites.

Sampling Period

Lead-90th Percentile
(AL: 15 ppb)
January-June 2013 6.82 ppb – PASS
July – December 2013 8.19 ppb – PASS
January-June 2014 7.25 ppb – PASS
July – December 2014 4.28 ppb – PASS
January – December 2015 2.71 ppb – PASS
January – December 2016 <2.0 ppb – PASS
January – December 2017

<2.0 ppb – PASS

The treatment technique for the rule requires systems to monitor drinking water at customer taps. If lead concentrations exceed an action level of 15 ppb (or copper concentrations exceed an action level of 1.3 ppm) in more than 10% of customer taps sampled, the system must undertake a number of additional actions to control corrosion. Lead present in water pipes and or fixtures can leach into the water when the water is corrosive (or has a lower pH). If the action level for lead is exceeded, the system must also inform the public about steps they should take to protect their health and may have to replace lead service lines under their control.

The City is also responsible to publish water quality tests results in the annual Consumer Confidence Report or CCR. Typically this is posted on the City’s website. For a copy of the most current CCR report, please visit click here or contact the Department of Public Works at 540-261-1444.

Should you decide to have your water tested it is important that you use a certified laboratory which meets the requirements for testing lead in drinking water. Please keep in mind that the corrosiveness of the water can be altered by residents by the addition of water softeners and other home modifications.

For additional resources regarding drinking water and lead, please visit the Virginia Department of Health website or click here.

If you have any further questions you can contact Trina Mastran, Director of Public Works at 540-261-1444 or you can contact the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water Programs at 540-463-7136.