“Paving for Pizza”!

As announced in January, Buena Vista was selected as a “Paving for Pizza” grant recipient from Dominos Pizza.  Buena Vista is proud to be the first city selected in Virginia for the $5,000 grant. At the same time, the City has invested in the purchase of a “hot box” for storing and transporting hot asphalt.

With over 55 miles of roads in its system, staying on top of road maintenance is a full-time job. Buena Vista Public Works repairs potholes and pavement cuts across the City throughout the year, although typically during winter a temporary “cold patch” is used. One challenge of paving and pothole repair is that hot asphalt sets quickly, so it cannot be stored or transported far, making small jobs more time consuming and expensive. With the City’s new hot box, asphalt can be stored for several days and used on multiple projects. This will be especially useful in cooler weather.

The City’s streets crew has been tackling the worst potholes with the Domino’s pizza grant over the last couple months. “Cracks, bumps and potholes can easily ruin a good carryout pizza, and nobody wants that,” said Ken Cobbs, Buena Vista Domino’s franchise owner. “We’re thrilled that Buena Vista was selected as a grant recipient to help smooth the ride home for our carryout customers.”

Domino’s launched its Paving for Pizza program in June 2018, asking customers to nominate their town for a grant to repair potholes. Customers submitted so many nominations that Domino’s decided to expand the program to pave one community in each state. Since the program launched, Domino’s has received more than 190,000 unique nominations from 17,158 different zip codes in all 50 states.

To see a continuously updated list of Paving for Pizza grant recipients, visit pavingforpizza.com