Updated Fees for Planning & Zoning

At their February 1 meeting, City Council approved a new fee schedule for Planning & Zoning actions. The new schedule adjusts fees to be more appropriate to the size of Buena Vista and the type of development that occurs in the City. The updates include:

  • Lowering the permanent sign permit fee from $50 + $0.25/square foot to a flat $30
  • Lowering the site plan review fee from $625 to as low as $100, and creating fee tiers based on amount of development
  • Lowering the Certificate of Appropriateness fee for construction from $300 to $100
  • And more!

These fee changes will particularly benefit small businesses moving into existing buildings or performing new construction, while still defraying the cost of administration and review of permits.

See all the fees here: Planning & Zoning Fees 2018